Dirk Diederich

Publicly appointed and sworn expert by the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Area of expertise: Industrial glass technology (production, analysis and quality assurance)


I would like to take this opportunity to inform you about the latest news concerning my activities as an expert in the field of industrial glass technology (production, analysis and quality assurance).

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me for an initial non-binding and free consultation.

Approval as a cross-checking expert

In addition to my public appointment by the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce as an expert in the field of industrial glass technology (production, analysis and quality assurance), I have been approved by the Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety since 08.05.2023 as a

Expert for the assessment of samples left behind (counter samples) in accordance with § 43LFGB* in conjunction with §§ 1, 2 and 3 of the Counter Sampling Ordinance*.

The authorization extends to
Identification and characterization of foreign bodies such as glass, plastics, metal and other materials

The tests are carried out in the accredited laboratory

IGR Institut für Glas- und Rohstofftechnologie GmbH
Else-Krengel-Str. 9
37079 Göttingen

carried out.

The accreditation is valid for the scope defined in the document D-PL- 20043-01-00.

Active as an expert for over 4 years ...

For four years now, I have been working internationally as a publicly appointed and sworn expert in the field of industrial glass technology (production, analysis and quality assurance).

During this time, I was called in for assessments of very different kinds. In addition to typical analyses of window panes and food containers in the form of glass breakages, food recalls and surface problems, these also included more unusual orders such as visual problems in the area of ship glazing and glass breakages of larger art objects.

To give you a better idea of my area of expertise, here is a brief list of the areas in which I have worked:

  • Weather-related damage to window glass,
  • Color determination according to RAL of coated glass samples,
  • Glass breakage in the conservatory,
  • Comparison of the optical properties of anti-reflective glass,
  • Time and cost calculation for replacing a car rear window,
  • Breakage or explosion as the cause of a broken mineral water bottle,
  • Thread breakage in packaging jars,
  • Line audits in beverage bottling plants,
  • Glass breakage of art object,
  • Assessment of glass surfaces,
  • Causes of glass breakage in yacht glazing,
  • Adhesion problems of coatings on drinking glasses,
  • Determination of forces that cause ampoules to break,
  • Assessment and classification of window glass (e.g. structure, thicknesses, laminated safety glass, toughened safety glass),
  • Glass breakage of a display case,
  • Optical effects with curved glass,
  • Damage to window glass due to sandblasting work (shot blasting work),
  • Line audits in hollow glassworks,
  • Assessment of glass splinters in the product.

The examples mentioned here include both court reports and private reports, insurance reports and expert opinions.

If you have a problem with glass damage or if it is necessary to determine defects, I am at your disposal as an expert.
I would also be happy to advise you in advance of a possible legal dispute and show you possible solutions and procedures to clarify your specific case.

Appointment and nomination

On 28.01.2020, I was publicly appointed and sworn in as an expert by the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the first time. On 27.01.2023, I received my certificate of reappointment, which extended my appointment for a further five years.